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May 22 2018

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thin places



Do you think the star wars universe has like.. a trigger discipline equivalent for the lightsaber. like people on the internet will see a picture of a beginner jedi holding the sword and they’ll go “LOL wrist not set at 30° perpendicular to the right hip bone. have fun losing your hand you idiot”


just galpatines bein palpatines



whenever i see a baby in public i wish i were like a powerful faerie god mother character who could give the baby a gift like “you’ll never get a cold” or “math will always make sense to you” or something like bein’ great with string instruments but I don’t have any powers that I know of but it doesn’t stop me from trying so every time I see a baby in public I tell the adult with it “what a beautiful baby” and it makes them smile and then I pretend I can take the goodness of their smile and I look at the baby and I think very hard “you will have a good life, even if it’s hard, you will end up happy” and I’m just hopin’ the magic kicks in at some point

faerie: for your service, I will grant you one boon

me: cool can it be the power to grant boons

faerie, looking through the manual: uh,

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in honor of metgala check this on theme thor fanart i did a while back n forgot about

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idk,, bird wing au

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I’m such a weak bitch when it comes to Bucky Barnes

May 21 2018

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this is already iconic

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St. Sebastian style Bucky for the anon who wanted him in #18 for the color meme – (x


heres a “think” “piece” for you all: the universe is a living creature and it is tender in spite of all the chaos we endure within it 


me, alone in my room, every 5 minutes: am i being myself? is this who i really am? who am i performing for?

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this post is a roller coaster, not in the way that people call wild posts “roller coasters,” but in the way that i knew something was up when i started reading the first paragraph, it was like the track slowly rising up, the wording just tipped me off, i knew there was going to be a serious drop that was going to give me whiplash, but when it arrived i still wasn’t ready for it

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Heimdall sent Hulk crashing directly through Strange’s ceiling because, really, he is rather fond of Loki, and wants to do him this solid.

He’s fond of him because he’s the most entertaining to watch. Loki is basically Heimdall’s favorite TV show.

it’s not that asgard COULDN’T have invented genre television it’s that Loki as a living spectacle is a combination of all the genres: crime drama, high fantasy, science fiction, reality tv, weirdly violent and sexual nature documentary featuring a calming British voice, fashion informerical, CSPAN, opinion news, historical docudrama, Frasier, softcore porn,

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Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

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i love

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